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Becoming Migrant… What Moves You?

The Becoming Migrant series was co-produced by Edith Doron, senior program manager of Carnegie Nexus Projects, and Ben Harrison, The Andy Warhol Museum’s curator of performing arts and special projects. Our ideation team is composed of six Nexus Fellows from across Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh: Desi Gonzalez, manager of digital engagement for The Andy Warhol Museum; Divya Rao Heffley, senior program manager of the Hillman Photography Initiative at Carnegie Museum of Art; Charlie Legere, associate writer for Carnegie Museums’ department of advancement and community engagement; Lulu Lippincott, Carnegie Museum of Art’s curator of fine arts; Patrick McShea, education program officer at Carnegie Museum of Natural History; and Amber Quick, director of visitor services at The Andy Warhol Museum.

About Carnegie Nexus

Carnegie Nexus is an initiative that taps the amazing material and intellectual assets of the four Carnegie Museums as they collaborate with other big thinkers to present insightful, risk-taking programming on ideas that impact us all. This collaborative initiative reaches across the arts and sciences to design experiences that animate pressing issues of our time and instigate new ways to examine our world through live performance, the visual and literary arts, and thoughtful conversation.

Strange Times: Earth in the Age of the Human, a 12-part event series from January 11–Apirl 20, 2017, was the inaugural Carnegie Nexus program series. Actors, writers, scientists, and musicians welcomed us to the age of the Anthropocene, a new geological time in which human influence on the environment is so profound it will leave its legacy in the very rock strata of the earth. Through live performance, theater, film, and conversation, they led us in exploring our strange times and even stranger future by reimagining what we mean by nature, technology—and, ultimately, being human. Revisit Strange Times.

About Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Established in 1895 by Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh is a collection of four distinctive museums: Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Science Center, and The Andy Warhol Museum. The museums reach more than 1.4 million people a year through exhibitions, educational programs, outreach activities, and special events.


IMAGE: Birdie Agrupación Señor Serrano