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Strange Times: Earth in the Age of the Human

Strange Times: Earth in the Age of the Human

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These are strange times we live in: the first time in Earth’s history when humankind is the single greatest force shaping the planet’s future.

Welcome to the Anthropocene, the age of the human, a new geological time in which human influence on the environment is so profound it will leave its legacy for millennia, written in the very rock strata record of the earth. Scientists and policy-makers have long had their say, but how are artists responding?

Strange Times was the inaugural Carnegie Nexus programmatic series. We met at the gaps between what we know and what we value as we play with an idea that changes everything and belongs to no one. Actors, writers, scientists, and musicians lead us in exploring our strange times and even stranger future by reimagining what we mean by nature, technology, and, ultimately, being human.