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Birdie by Agrupación Señor Serrano

New Hazlett Theater

Price: $25 (Members & Students $20)

Co-presented with the New Hazlett Theater

We are proud to end our series with the U.S. premiere of Birdie by the internationally acclaimed group from Barcelona. Birdie is a multimedia performance with live video, film fragments, scale models, 2,000 mini animals, and three performers tackling this messy world with wit, criticism, and an unfailing commitment to humankind. In this extraordinary production, Birdie manages to actually perform a migration: a movement between the mirages of two worlds—one confounded by war, displacement, human smugglers, and ecological devastation, and one that enjoys civil society, sanitary conditions, renewable resources, and a common welfare. What connects the two is an unstoppable journey of migrants and the ceaseless movement of all that exists.

Witness as the border between stage and screen, word and image, Hitchcock’s The Birds, and the game of golf dissolve before your eyes. This is not to be missed!


“Rarely—believe me—have I seen the theme of migration addressed in a key so moving.”

—Renato Palazzi

Winner of the Silver Lion Award for Innovation in Theatre, Venice Biennale, 2015.

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